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At the heart of Dubai's dynamic and creative community, we at GoFreelance offer an appealing pathway for professionals in design, media, and education sectors to thrive as independent freelancers. Tailored to empower and facilitate the entrepreneurial spirit, our initiative at Dubai Knowledge Park offers a simplified process and valuable resources to help individuals kickstart their freelance journey effectively, such as providing a freelance visa for Dubai.


With a focus on flexibility and connectivity, we have created a vibrant community where freelancers can access networking opportunities, coworking spaces, and a platform to market their services. This holistic approach ensures that every freelance professional can leverage their skills to build successful, self-directed careers in a supportive and innovative environment.


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By becoming a member of our community at GoFreelance, you can easily get a freelance visa in Dubai. This arrangement ensures that freelancers can establish themselves in a supportive business environment with minimal bureaucracy.


Types of Visas:

  • One year Visa for AED 4,600
  • Two years Visa for AED 5,042



  • Freelance License
  • Establishment Card for AED 2,000
  • UAE phone number
  • Valid medical insurance
  • Original passport
  • Passport photo

Why join GoFreelance?

Joining our community at GoFreelance offers the opportunity to become part of a dynamic and vibrant environment in Dubai Knowledge Park. As a freelancer, you gain access to a flexible workspace, allowing you to choose a new spot every day, which can enhance your daily routine and give you more networking opportunities. Additionally, our workspace is equipped with a wide range of amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, and exclusive community events that are designed to support and enrich your professional journey. This environment is ideal for those who thrive on flexibility and are eager to connect with like-minded professionals.

Join thousands of freelancers within our business communities.


Collaborate with freelancers from different industries including tech, media, design and education.


You’re eligible to apply for a one year or two years visa with your Gofreelance License.

24/7 access

Access the business centers anytime. For late-night cram sessions, early morning brainstorms and everything in between.


An exclusive online platform that connects and benefits both companies and freelancers.

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Get uninterrupted high-speed Wi-Fi access, meeting room access, coffee and much more.