Social and Behavioural Training

CoursesInstitute NameLocation
Neuro-Linguistic PorgrammingDemont Institute Of Management & TechnologyDIAC
Fulbright Foreign Student Program for the United Arab EmiratesAmerica-Mideast Educational And Training Services, Inc.DKP
Skills For SuccessAmerica-Mideast Educational And Training Services, Inc.DKP
Certificate in Counselling PsychologyDesert Side Training InstituteDKP
Conflict resolution and happy livingDesert Side Training InstituteDKP
Emotional IntelligenceDesert Side Training InstituteDKP
Emotional Quotient and Spiritual QuotientDesert Side Training InstituteDKP
Mindful Leadership TrainingDesert Side Training InstituteDKP
Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingDesert Side Training InstituteDKP
Advance Professional Certificate in Consumer BehaviourEcole Hoteliere HelvetiqueDKP
Course in Social and Behavioural TrainingEdumystic Institute of Creative Intelligence FZ-LLCDKP
Communication StrategiesEton Institute Fz-LlcDKP
Conflict Resolution - Dealing With Difficult PeopleEton Institute Fz-LlcDKP
Developing Your Executive PresenceEton Institute Fz-LlcDKP
Emotional IntelligenceEton Institute Fz-LlcDKP
Negotiating for ResultsEton Institute Fz-LlcDKP
Self-LeadershipEton Institute Fz-LlcDKP
Body LanguageFormatech Fz-LlcDKP
Cross-cultural CommunicationFormatech Fz-LlcDKP
Emotional IntelligenceFormatech Fz-LlcDKP
Neuro-linguistic Programming Coach (Beginner Level)International Training Institute FzllcDKP
Neuro-linguistic Programming Course (Beginner Level)International Training Institute FzllcDKP
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programme)International Training Institute FzllcDKP
Social EngineeringInternational Training Institute FzllcDKP
Changing Life CyclesKinesio Coach Fz-LlcDKP
Coaching Workshop creating from othersKinesio Coach Fz-LlcDKP
Coaching Workshop For Cultural ChangeKinesio Coach Fz-LlcDKP
Coaching Workshop Happiness on the WorkplaceKinesio Coach Fz-LlcDKP
Coaching Workshop Leadership AwarenessKinesio Coach Fz-LlcDKP
Five Elements Fundamentals and Muscle Testing Basics for Energy TherapistKinesio Coach Fz-LlcDKP
Mastery of Emotional Stress ReleaseKinesio Coach Fz-LlcDKP
Overcoming Co-DependencyKinesio Coach Fz-LlcDKP
Self-Care Workshop BKP101Kinesio Coach Fz-LlcDKP
Stress Release Made EasyKinesio Coach Fz-LlcDKP
Tibetan Energy and VitalityKinesio Coach Fz-LlcDKP
Wellness Program BKP 101, 105Kinesio Coach Fz-LlcDKP
Effective public speakingNomad Networks Training Centre Fz-LlcDKP
NEGOTIATION SKILLSNomad Networks Training Centre Fz-LlcDKP
Nonverbal communicationNomad Networks Training Centre Fz-LlcDKP
Professional ConfidenceNomad Networks Training Centre Fz-LlcDKP
Advanced International Protocol CourseProtocol School Of Washington Fz-LlcDKP
International Protocol Manager TrainingProtocol School Of Washington Fz-LlcDKP
Protocol Foundations & VIP ManagementProtocol School Of Washington Fz-LlcDKP
It is easy to winRegent Institute Middle East FZ-LLCDKP
A Worthy GoalRegent Institute Middle East FZ-LLCDKP
Breaking the terror barrierRegent Institute Middle East FZ-LLCDKP
Bridging the gapRegent Institute Middle East FZ-LLCDKP
Creating your resultsRegent Institute Middle East FZ-LLCDKP
Miracle of your mindRegent Institute Middle East FZ-LLCDKP
The impression of increaseRegent Institute Middle East FZ-LLCDKP
The magic wordRegent Institute Middle East FZ-LLCDKP
The most valuable personRegent Institute Middle East FZ-LLCDKP
The Power of your mindRegent Institute Middle East FZ-LLCDKP
The Stick PersonRegent Institute Middle East FZ-LLCDKP
Your beliefs with behaviorRegent Institute Middle East FZ-LLCDKP
360 HappinessRise Training & Development Fz-LlcDKP
I am possibleRise Training & Development Fz-LlcDKP
RiseRise Training & Development Fz-LlcDKP
Rise Above & BeyondRise Training & Development Fz-LlcDKP
Rise TogetherRise Training & Development Fz-LlcDKP
BalanceThe Coaches Training Institute Fz- LlcDKP
FulfillmentThe Coaches Training Institute Fz- LlcDKP
Fundamentals of CoachingThe Coaches Training Institute Fz- LlcDKP
ProcessThe Coaches Training Institute Fz- LlcDKP
SynergyThe Coaches Training Institute Fz- LlcDKP